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Melissa of Windymere
(F) AKC WA147807 7-61, (S)   (D)
Tristan of Windymere
(M) AKC WA016684 7-61, (S)   (D)
Lolly's Trinka Jean
(F) AKC WA124495 6-61, (S)   (D)
Zero of Avalon
(M) AKC WA268033, Sep 6, 1961 White (S) White Saint of St Joseph   (D) Lolly's Trinka Jean
Blitz of St James
(M) AKC WA252741 9-63, (S)   (D)
White Rebel of Horwitz
(M) AKC WA167647, Jan 24, 1960 White (S) Bobby's Silver Bullet   (D) Larry's Kim von Lex
White Lady Ann II
(F) AKC WA531078, Apr 24, 1959 White (S) Thompson's Fritz   (D) White Shadow XII
Silver Belle XV
(F) AKC WA154334 3-62, (S)   (D)
Mystic of Bear Creek Farm
(F) AKC WA305080 2-64, (S)   (D)
Snow Chris if Walbrook
(M) AKC WA222310 2-64, (S)   (D)
White Blaze of Mysty Knight
(M) AKC WA410615, Oct 27, 1963 White (S) Snow Chris if Walbrook   (D) Mystic of Bear Creek Farm
Waddell's Bullet
(M) AKC WA516770, Feb 8, 1963 White (S) Sawyer's King   (D) Sawyer's Princess
Winn Hills Lilly
(F) AKC WA168254 11-62, (S)   (D)
Vonda's Beauty
(M) AKC WA370944, Mar 10, 1962 White (S) Roy's King   (D) Miss Sheba II
Vello's Duchess
(F) AKC WA300031, Jan 11, 1961 White (S) Big Duke IV   (D) Duchess Lady III
Nipper IV CD
(F) AKC WA128648 2-62, (S)   (D)
Tiger Gypsy
(M) AKC WA276291, Jul 25, 1962 White (S) White Shadow Crider   (D) Nipper IV
Three D Cracker
(F) AKC WA448424, Sep 2, 1963 White (S) Hannihawk's Duke   (D) B J's White Princess
The Bush Major
(M) AKC WA442835, Feb 8, 1964 White (S) Brunhilde's Flieger   (D) Flieger's Dame
Snowfire of Brackenwood
(F) AKC WA331073 2-64, (S)   (D)
Tammy von Gerald
(F) AKC WA409900 , Nov 22, 1963 White (S) Lancer von Beltz Heim   (D) Snowfire of Brackenwood
Hindsight's Honey Bear
(F) AKC D868838 9-91, Jul 27, 1989 Cream (S)   (D)
Heinrich von Denver Jenkins
(M) AKC D890099 8-91, Feb 5, 1989 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
G Maja vom Blauen Engel SchH3 FH3
(F) DDR 112186, May 11, 1980 Black, Brown (S) Bodo vom Gräfental   (D) Motte von der Kühlung
V Jonas vom Ritterberg IPO2 FH2
(M) DDR 111423, Mar 21, 1980 Black, Tan, Brown Markings (S) Ex vom Hünenkessel   (D) Burga vom Haus Himpel
G Barry vom Schwanenwappen SchH IPO
(M) DDR 142536, NHSB 1400485, Nov 21, 1984 Black, Brown (S) Jonas vom Ritterberg   (D) Maja vom Blauen Engel
Olga vom Haus Bornheim VZH SchH3 IPO VH3
(F) NHSB 1529551, Mar 25, 1987 Black, Tan (S) Barry vom Schwanenwappen   (D) Falda vom Haus Bornheim
Abby vom Celebra
(F) AKC DL53627302 3-96, Jun 7, 1994 Sable (S)   (D)
Hubertus Bratenfanger
(M) AKC DL47939104 3-96, May 21, 1993 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Julie von Weiss Blau
(F) AKC D782971 3-93, Oct 3, 1987 Sable (S)   (D)
Ingo vom Hellerzahnstein
(M) AKC DL46021206 10-94, Dec 17, 1992 Sable (S)   (D)
Red Sonia of Oak Hills
(F) AKC DL42687403 2-94, Apr 11, 1992 Black, Red (S)   (D)
Patty von Karthago SchH
(F) SZ 1766068, Dec 12, 1989 Dark Grey, Brown (S) Orkan vom Stadtfeld   (D) Santa von Karthago
Fränzi von Hermannshöh SchH2
(F) SZ 1718227, Dec 28, 1987 (S) Heiko vom Wildsteiger Land   (D) Tosca von Hermannshöh
Shiloh D'Beechee of Atkinson
(F) AKC DL44354708 8-95, Sep 6, 1992 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Axel Vongartzen
(M) AKC DL44934902 1-94, Jul 8, 1992 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Lacy Defendere Scutarious
(F) AKC D114063 7-85, Apr 18, 1983 White (S)   (D)
Domino von Warlock
(M) AKC D423323 7-87, Mar 4, 1984 White (S)   (D)
Zakary von White
(M) AKC D556439, Mar 18, 1987 White (S) Domino von Warlock   (D) Lacy Defendere Scutarious
Angel Sue
(F) AKC DL39807304 4-95, Sep 18, 1991 White (S)   (D)
Xena van Lekos
(F) AKC DL62501603, Mar 12, 1996 White (S) Ronnies Lucky Charm   (D) Angel Sue
Wyngalan Creamy Shasta
(F) AKC DL56608208, Dec 16, 1994 White (S) Wyngalans v Wilhelm   (D) Wyngalans Louise
Katie Girl of Lazy Acres
(F) AKC DL49389204 4-96, Aug 17, 1993 Black, Silver (S)   (D)
Claudius Ice
(M) AKC DL39548012 7-95, Jul 13, 1991 White (S)   (D)
Winters Eve II
(F) AKC DL61721601, Jan 11, 1996 White (S) Claudius Ice   (D) Katie Girl of Lazy Acres
Winnie the Pooh IV
(F) AKC DL52151303, Mar 26, 1994 White (S) Nitro Alexzander   (D) Michelle Shadow of Sherry
Sinclairs Lady Sheena
(F) AKC D739709 8-90, Jul 23, 1988 White (S)   (D)
Maines Royal Snowman
(M) AKC D112144, Mar 6, 1983 White (S)   (D)
Whitmire's Krystal
(F) AKC D087799 9-86, May 6, 1983 White (S)   (D)
Conan the Destroyer IV
(M) AKC D254966 9-86, Feb 6, 1984 White (S)   (D)

The German Shepherd Gene Study tracks the recessive "masking" white
and recessive black genes forward through the generations.

Genes come in different varieties, called alleles. Somatic cells contain two alleles for every gene, with one allele provided by each parent. Often, it is impossible to determine which two alleles of a gene are present within an dog's chromosomes based solely on the outward appearance of that dog. However, an allele that is hidden, or not expressed by, can still be passed on to that dog's offspring and expressed in a later generation.

German Shepherds can carry one or both of the recessive white "masking" and/or the recessive black gene.

(A masking gene masks the real color and pattern of the dog. The only way the gene can be expressed in some of the offspring is if both parents carry it. For example, when a white dog is bred to a non-white dog that does not carry the white gene, none of the offspring will express the white coat but they will be carriers of the white gene. If those offspring are bred to a white, some of their offspring will express the white coat color. White bred to white will always produce white offspring.)

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