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Countess of Portage
(F) AKC WB371669 1-72, Apr 23, 1969 White (S)   (D)
Sir Grand Teton
(M) AKC WC808542 2-76, Jun 3, 1974 White (S)   (D)
(M) AKC WD247009, Sep 16, 1975 White (S) Sir Grand Teton   (D) Countess of Portage
Keo Kekona Aikane
(M) AKC WD094032, May 2, 1975 White (S) Prince Keokeo Kanealii   (D) Julia von Travis
Krissy II
(F) AKC WB036596 8-71, White (S)   (D)
Kemuks Kemoen
(F) AKC WC943442, Apr 23, 1974 White (S) Tequa Duke   (D) Krissy II
Diana von Neiger
(F) AKC WC563495 3-74, Feb 26, 1971 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Kaiser Kelly II
(M) AKC WC141592 3-74, Apr 29, 1972 Sable (S)   (D)
Lady Storm IX
(F) AKC WC436860 3-75, Sep 24, 1972 Black, Silver (S)   (D)
Fritz von Hindenburg XIV
(M) AKC WD238860 6-76, Oct 24, 1974 Black (S)   (D)
Abbi von Haus Braunfeld
(F) AKC WC376720 7-76, May 18, 1971 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Scharnhorst's Frederic
(M) AKC WC322460 7-74, Jul 3, 1972 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Mil-Jons Mystic Lady
(F) AKC WC048251 12-73, Oct 5, 1971 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Choo Choo Chanel
(F) AKC WB737683 6-76, Nov 25, 1970 White (S)   (D)
Bashinski's King
(M) AKC WC065344 6-76, Jan 2, 1972 Black (S)   (D)
Kela IV
(F) AKC WC080986 8-73, Nov 11, 1971 Brown, Black (S)   (D)
Wear's Rebel
(M) AKC WB970137 11-72, Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Kareb Gretel
(F) AKC WD045947, Dec 16, 1974 White (S) Wear's Rebel   (D) Kela IV
Kahl's Fritz
(M) AKC WC872775, Aug 7, 1974 White (S) Travis Rex Kelly   (D) Ree'Dee Re'Shell
Niki von Baroness
(F) AKC WC068858 7-73, Jan 6, 1972 White (S)   (D)
Jon von King
(M) AKC WC657498, Sep 20, 1973 White (S) Na Neau Hondo   (D) Niki von Baroness
John's Princess Snowcloud
(F) AKC WC608143, Oct 9, 1973 White (S) Alice's Chinook von Snowcloud   (D) Hilda von Snowcloud
Jaw's Conquerer of Lexington
(M) AKC WD275086, Jul 15, 1975 White (S) Hasson's Max   (D) Mason Dixon Line's Frostina
Lady Pee Wee Union Beach
(F) AKC WB902405 11-75, May 31, 1971 White (S)   (D)
Mr Tiger Union Beach
(M) AKC WC652164 11-75, White (S)   (D)
Janie Tiffany Howard
(F) AKC WD401341, Jul 1, 1975 White (S) Mr Tiger Union Beach   (D) Lady Pee Wee Union Beach
Duggan's Beautiful Surprize
(F) AKC WC240753 5-76, Aug 1, 1972 White (S)   (D)
Diablo Del Desierto
(M) AKC WC583657 9-75, Sep 8, 1973 White (S)   (D)
Ja Jagermeister
(M) AKC WD466253, Dec 10, 1975 White (S) Diablo Del Desierto   (D) Duggan's Beautiful Surprize
Ivory VIII
(F) AKC WC373833, Dec 23, 1972 White (S) Maxemillion II   (D) Puti
Obergewalt's Frysta
(F) AKC WC051541 7-72, Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Husky XXIV
(M) AKC WD544910, Dec 7, 1971 White (S) Ray-Mor's Instigator   (D) Obergewalt's Frysta
Peachey's Lady Queen
(F) AKC DL81222504 9-01, Nov 5, 1999 Sable (S)   (D)
Martin's Gypsy VI
(F) AKC DL87916905, May 23, 2001 Sable (S) Duke Slabaugh   (D) Peachey's Lady Queen
Martin's Ebony Apollo
(M) AKC DN00588301, May 4, 2002 Black (S) Sturm Ruger McGhee   (D) Tish Sedona McGhee
Burd's White Fang
(F) AKC DL79269604 9-01, Jun 2, 1999 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Burd's Hercules
(M) AKC DL83293304 2-02, Apr 17, 2000 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Margaret's Angle Wings
(F) AKC DL90829002, May 10, 2002 Black, Tan (S) Burd's Hercules   (D) Burd's White Fang
Ch (AKC) Mar Haven's MR Beau Jangles OFA
(M) AKC DN00695501, Dec 25, 2001 Black, Tan (S) Elvaston's Southern Byrne   (D) Mariner's Diva Darte
Nadja vom Schwarzen-Scherrett
(F) AKC DL91824501 4-03, Jun 20, 2000 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Nicko von der Barenprotze
(M) AKC DL91824601 4-03, Aug 22, 2000 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Mangus von Watts OFA
(M) AKC DL91824704, Apr 7, 2002 Black, Tan (S) Nicko von der Barenprotze   (D) Nadja vom Schwarzen-Scherrett
Harris' Jasmine
(F) AKC DL70116503 2-01, Jul 1, 1997 Black, Red (S)   (D)
Mamas Boy Hank
(M) AKC DL63228802 2-01, Apr 16, 1996 Black, Silver (S)   (D)
Mamas Boy Taz
(M) AKC DL86720607, Mar 20, 2000 Black, Red (S) Mamas Boy Hank   (D) Harris' Jasmine
Mama's Little Shadow
(F) AKC DL91300201, Sep 15, 2002 Black, Tan (S) S I E RR A   (D) S I E R R A
Malik Jackson
(M) AKC DL81949607, Jan 22, 2000 Black, Red (S) Aelvis von der Szombo   (D) Lindsey's Dusty Lady
Rardin's Sasha
(F) AKC DL80597505 12-02, Oct 3, 1999 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Ch (AKC) Jericho's Easy Spirit of D'Arte HSAs
(M) AKC DL75548101 7-02, Jul 26, 1998 Sable (S)   (D)
Maldonado's Sara
(F) AKC DN01394102, Aug 6, 2002 Black, Red (S) Jericho's Easy Spirit of D'Arte   (D) Rardin's Sasha

The German Shepherd Gene Study tracks the recessive "masking" white
and recessive black genes forward through the generations.

Genes come in different varieties, called alleles. Somatic cells contain two alleles for every gene, with one allele provided by each parent. Often, it is impossible to determine which two alleles of a gene are present within an dog's chromosomes based solely on the outward appearance of that dog. However, an allele that is hidden, or not expressed by, can still be passed on to that dog's offspring and expressed in a later generation.

German Shepherds can carry one or both of the recessive white "masking" and/or the recessive black gene.

(A masking gene masks the real color and pattern of the dog. The only way the gene can be expressed in some of the offspring is if both parents carry it. For example, when a white dog is bred to a non-white dog that does not carry the white gene, none of the offspring will express the white coat but they will be carriers of the white gene. If those offspring are bred to a white, some of their offspring will express the white coat color. White bred to white will always produce white offspring.)

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