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Antoinette of Royal T
(F) AKC WA193596, Jun 4, 1961 Sable, Black, Tan (S) Ulk Wikingerblut   (D) Seldon's Donna of Van Horn
Antoinette von Liebestraum
(F) AKC WA114172, Oct 9, 1960 Black, Tan (S) Rinty von Liebestraum   (D) Princesa Negra De Aragon
Napoleon McChord
(M) AKC W947377, Jul 31, 1958 Silver, Grey, Black (S) Arlo of Ruelamar   (D) Rin-Dee of K'Mar
Cowboy von Kaiserhof
(M) AKC WA604618, Nov 5, 1964 Black, Tan (S) Glucklich von Bomarc   (D) Linda Lou Kaylynn
Gentle Del Greco
(F) AKC WA213094, Oct 6, 1961 Tan, Black (S) Duke von Offenbach   (D) Wina Poo-Del Greco
Lady Theo
(F) AKC WA955684, Nov 4, 1960 Tan, Black (S) Monteagle's Blitz   (D) Amanda's Wande
Dino's Shannons Fritz
(M) AKC WA502575, Aug 10, 1963 Black, Tan (S) Dino of Sunnyland   (D) Shannon of Sunnyland
Baumgartner's Grand Duchess
(F) AKC WA457536, Feb 14, 1964 Black, Silver (S) Willow Grange Weston   (D) Collins' Lady II
Affectionate Angie
(F) AKC WA811281, Jul 31, 1965 Black, Tan (S) Regenbogen Falcon   (D) Baumgartner's Grand Duchess
Brown's Princess
(F) AKC WA162729, Jan 19, 1961 Black, Silver (S) Guard von Deustchbein   (D) Minda of Shady Lane
Brenda von Monroestraum
(F) AKC WA219120, May 29, 1961 Black, Tan (S) Kip von Wagner   (D) Princess von Monroestraum
Brenda of B-B
(F) AKC WA201755, Dec 4, 1960 Black, Tan (S) Mischief von Duke   (D) Penelope of Bashur
Bravo of Magothy Villa
(M) AKC WA085808, Apr 8, 1959 White (S) Lobo von Linthicum   (D) Valrich's Mary Corrin
Blair's von Barloft Lady
(F) AKC WA291101, Dec 24, 1960 Black, Tan, Silver (S) Shaw's Hans   (D) Lady von Sha Mar
Black Valiant of Louron
(M) AKC WA153115, Jan 1, 1961 Black (S) Chimney Sweep of Long-Worth   (D) Louron's Glory
Ribble's Shayna Shepherd
(F) AKC WE502067 10-81, Dec 18, 1979 White (S)   (D)
Bussey's Bianca
(F) AKC WE369468 1-82, Mar 20, 1979 Black, Red (S)   (D)
Fels vom Rittergut
(M) AKC WD560801 1-82, Mar 21, 1976 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Kimroy's Carla
(F) AKC WA212102, Nov 10, 1959 Black, Tan, Silver (S) Willow Grange Dark Royal   (D) Do-Ra-Me of Shallimar
Ketchikan King of Evansville
(M) AKC WA148811, Jul 17, 1960 Black, Silver (S) Mister Murphy   (D) Suza von Dee Weber
Pen-Clar's Fantasy of Ken-Lo
(F) AKC W769736, Aug 4, 1956 Black, Tan (S) Mister of Long-Worth   (D) Lieba of Pen-Clar
Ken-Lo's Tabulator
(M) AKC W831920, Dec 18, 1955 Black, Tan (S) Royal Crest Academy Award   (D) Edda vom Haus Viktor
Ken-Lo Tabu
(M) AKC W831922, Aug 18, 1957 Black, Silver, Tan (S) Ken-Lo's Tabulator   (D) Pen-Clar's Fantasy of Ken-Lo
Ken's Duchess Cinthia
(F) AKC WA016734, Apr 3, 1958 Black, Silver (S) Duke Vongret   (D) Diana Vonjill
Kemarok Royal Roxann
(F) AKC WA167584, May 29, 1961 Black, Tan (S) Him-Kim of Long-Worth   (D) Kemarok Sunset Jubilee
Kelli O'Shea
(F) AKC WA160414, Jul 16, 1960 Silver, Grey, Black Muzzle (S) Dutchess of Mazar's King   (D) Princess of Mazar
Keki of Shangri-La
(F) AKC WA054937, Nov 2, 1959 Brown, Black, Silver (S) Baron of Taricote   (D) Gretchen of Taricote
Kazan Duchess
(F) AKC W986021, May 26, 1958 Black, Tan (S) Kazan von Edenwald   (D) Rockie Lane's Koko
Kay-Roc Midnight of Northwind
(M) AKC WA156904, Dec 21, 1960 Black (S) Shawnee Rock of Northwind   (D) Kay of Northwind
Kawin's Bambi vom Nordfelsen
(F) AKC WA099743, Nov 15, 1959 Black, Silver (S) Alf vom Nordfelsen II   (D) Tomahawk's Ka of Pheffer v Bern
Katrina von Eljo
(F) AKC WA266056, May 16, 1961 Black, Tan (S) Iro vom Urari   (D) Esta v Arber
Attila der Hun
(M) AKC WA341759, Apr 4, 1963 Black, Silver (S) Perikles   (D) Stardust of Southlawn
Hills Lady Alessandra
(F) AKC WA607600, May 25, 1965 Black, Silver (S) Attila der Hun   (D) Familia's Silver Dutchess
Miss Penny Creek
(F) AKC WA309172 6-63, (S)   (D)
Shep of Edisto
(M) AKC W963028 6-63, (S)   (D)
Lady of Edisto
(F) AKC WA448988, Dec 24, 1963 Silver, Black (S) Shep of Edisto   (D) Miss Penny Creek
Janeff's Rhonda
(F) AKC WB168567 8-70, Sable (S)   (D)
Saint Elmo's Queen Mandy
(F) AKC WA837315 9-70, (S)   (D)
Frieda Adelaide
(F) AKC WB000450, Aug 26, 1966 Silver (S) Dido von Iggelheim   (D) Lancelot Luster
Sabarina Nikki
(F) AKC WA236332 4-70, (S)   (D)
King von Schnuck
(M) AKC WA322835 11-68, (S)   (D)
Count Heitzen der Mann
(M) AKC WA774820 9-68, (S)   (D)
Tonya vom Ehlers
(F) AKC WA258841, Jan 23, 1961 Black, Golden (S) George vom Fusch   (D) Zeiler's Peggy vom Fusch
Toastie Lady of Westwood
(F) AKC WA245139, Sep 2, 1961 Black, Silver (S) Major of Ticonderoga   (D) Jan of Ticonderoga
Timmy Oles Heldens Blut
(M) AKC WA249430, Aug 27, 1960 Black, Tan (S) Kato dem Lieben Bruder   (D) Sheba Glea
Tib's Duchess
(F) AKC WA189420, Apr 6, 1961 Silver, Grey (S) Mark der Valiant   (D) Imperial Anne
Thunder Valentino
(M) AKC WA258696, Jan 10, 1956 Black, Tan, Silver (S) Zeman's Valentino   (D) Cindy VII
Thunder's Pride
(F) AKC WA105578, Jun 27, 1960 Silver, Black (S) Charles aus der Reichwein   (D) Black's Silver Queen
Thundercloud of Watch Hill
(M) AKC W979005, Jan 18, 1959 Black, Silver, Cream (S) Conradin von Hohenstaufen   (D) Radar's Pixie o' Stoffran
Thresa of Skye
(F) AKC WA252091, Nov 9, 1960 Black, Tan, Silver (S) Silver Reh   (D) Princess Tammy Lee
Thornoaks Kassie von Marwald
(F) AKC WA203183, Jul 9, 1961 Black, Tan (S) Wilva Don's Chip   (D) Thornoaks Astar von Marwald
Thora v Pearl
(F) AKC WA102019, Aug 24, 1960 Black, Tan (S) Emerald Arno   (D) Stillfair Candice
The Hilltop Gypsy
(F) AKC WA113005, Dec 8, 1959 Cream, Black (S) Modern's Brute Force   (D) Frida von Strom
The Dutch Prince
(M) AKC W986334, Feb 7, 1959 Black, Tan, White (S) Max vom Freedabrix   (D) Hilda Kim
Queen Heidi Zeiger
(F) AKC WB563380 5-73, Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Taylor's Genevieve
(F) AKC WB541375 4-71, Jul 24, 1969 Silver (S)   (D)
Dewalt's Lisa
(F) AKC WC339525 6-74, Nov 28, 1971 Sable (S)   (D)
Bar-B's Tasha of Starcrest
(F) AKC WB521461 8-71, Jul 6, 1969 Black, Tan (S)   (D)
Moons Suzy
(F) AKC WC032686 6-72, Silver (S)   (D)
King of Jimine
(M) AKC WA895229 5-73, Black, Silver (S)   (D)
Shelley IX
(F) AKC WB160368 12-71, May 20, 1968 White (S)   (D)
Sarge van Cleave
(M) AKC WB706312 8-71, Dec 12, 1969 Black, Silver (S)   (D)
Ronda of Aldon
(F) AKC WA871969 10-69, Grey (S)   (D)
Oftheozarks Ford von Linsu
(M) AKC WA877388 1-70, Nov 7, 1966 Sable (S)   (D)
Spielen Madchen
(F) AKC WA053821, Aug 28, 1959 Black, Tan (S) Ring T T   (D) Val Helgar
Spice of Twin Pines
(F) AKC WA112370, Aug 20, 1960 Black, Cream (S) Morgen un Svaartsvelt   (D) Silver of Twin Pines

The German Shepherd Gene Study tracks the recessive "masking" white
and recessive black genes forward through the generations.

Genes come in different varieties, called alleles. Somatic cells contain two alleles for every gene, with one allele provided by each parent. Often, it is impossible to determine which two alleles of a gene are present within an dog's chromosomes based solely on the outward appearance of that dog. However, an allele that is hidden, or not expressed by, can still be passed on to that dog's offspring and expressed in a later generation.

German Shepherds can carry one or both of the recessive white "masking" and/or the recessive black gene.

(A masking gene masks the real color and pattern of the dog. The only way the gene can be expressed in some of the offspring is if both parents carry it. For example, when a white dog is bred to a non-white dog that does not carry the white gene, none of the offspring will express the white coat but they will be carriers of the white gene. If those offspring are bred to a white, some of their offspring will express the white coat color. White bred to white will always produce white offspring.)

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